Keys for my other business

This post is brought to you by my friends business in Scotland, Glasgow  Photo booth hire Glasgow

I would like to take this opportunity to speak about my other venture in life. I have recently acquired ownership of my friends business, well a half and half share in his photo booth company. I have always been a fan of photography but I did not like spending thousands of pounds on cameras and keeping up to date with the new technology. Every lens now costs the same as my car!

So, this was the perfect fit. I can enjoy others taking pictures on these high quality booths and actually add inexpensive value to their events. Instead of telling everyone to stand still and say cheese while I take a picture on a camera worth more than my house, I can watch them be free in the photo booth. It is fantastic! Have a watch in this video below

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About the job


Your work as a locksmith would typically include a range of things. Subject to but not limited to:

  • One of them is fitting locks to doors and windows – this can be very tricky but with practise you will get it!
  • Installing, selling, servicing and repairing locks and other security devices. This is fun and very challenging too – don’t give up!
  • One great skill is cutting copies of keys and making new keys. A real tradesman’s job.
  • Fitting combination locks and timing devices to safes. You will feel like the guys in the movies with this one.
  • Another great aspect is learning how about repairing locks on motor vehicles
  • You may need to work on and over the clock – providing a 24-hour call-out service to people locked out of their home or business. If you are afraid of work, don’t jump into this.
  • It can be a 24 hour job. You will be providing an emergency service after break-ins, securing doors, changing locks and resetting security systems
  • advising customers on the most suitable locks or safety devices for their needs.

You may also sell, install and maintain other security mechanisms and systems.

You could specialise in a particular area like repairing and key cutting for antique locks.

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Keys 101

Here I will be explaining the different types of keys you guys can have and also how to pick a lock! This post is brought to you by my business at  Redbridge London Locksmith

This is a skill I learned when I was starting up my new business.  It is a  very useful trait to have but not in a sneaky way! Do not break into any ones house (haha) So, what I will tell you is to be careful who you teach as well. If you have a specific key which is not mentioned in the video, contact me here.

Lock picking can take a few weeks to a month so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away, keep trying and don’t give up. You get many types of locks in the world and unfortunately, there is no one stop ticket method for all locks. This is why it is important to learn how to pick a lock using various different methods.

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Welcome guys!


Hello, my name is Jeremy and my idea behind this blog is to tell you guys about how great being a locksmith is!

I have been a locksmith for 25 years and I am about to retire. I also own a photo booth company which I recently inherited from my father (RIP) .

Let me tell you a bit about me, I like football in my spare time and going on picnics with my family. I live and breath my work. It paid the bills and allowed me to be the professional I am today. I can’t afford a publisher to bring out an autobiography of my life – so my son told me to write a blog. It’s cheaper and at least I can tell you my story .

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